Approach & Values

Whether you are a CEO, equity sponsor, banker, attorney, portfolio manager or creditor, you’re looking for the most competent, experienced team of professionals you can find to guide you through the tough decisions presented by a company in transition.  You will find them at Magnus Associates.  We will work side-by-side with you to manage your risks and maximize your opportunities.

As professionals, we bring expertise in operational turnarounds, financial restructuring, and other complex transitions.  Our promise to you is that we will arrive with our knowledge, insights and skills, as well as our commitment to do whatever it takes to help you change the outcome.


We consistently adhere to principles of mutual respect, trust, and integrity in all of our activities. Not only is this the right thing to do, we believe it is fundamental to our long-term success.

We believe in the power of collaboration. We seek to draw on the talents and expertise of our management teams, advisors, lenders, and other stakeholders to create maximum value.

We exercise discipline. Regardless of market trends, we are willing to be patient in identifying the best opportunities to create value in accordance with our strategy. Once we see opportunities, we move quickly to seize them.

We search for and recognize untapped potential, find creative solutions, and drive the outcome.


Managing Partners

David Brebner CPA, CA, HBA
Managing Partner

Mr. Brebner is a strategic “structuralist” and defines the development of the necessary foundations for organizations to succeed. Mr. Brebner’s ability to discern the structural solution to complex problems provides the catalyst and support structure to bolster any value creating strategy.

Mr. Brebner advises on corporate structures, processes, systems, markets, investment decisions, financial reporting, financing and their integration.

Selected as one of London’s Top 20 under 40, Mr. Brebner is active within both the business and charitable communities. Mr. Brebner is currently involved as the treasurer of the operating and foudnation boards and executive committee of The Grand Theatre (London, Canada), a member of the Canadian Advisory Committee to Neuchatel Junior College, the chair of the NJC Fund (the Neuchatel Junior College foundation), and a director of The Shoebox Project. 


Paul Dugsin
Managing Partner

A  Strategic Thought Leader - Paul Dugsin enables success by providing world-class management, strategy, operations and organizational development expertise. Mr. Dugsin focuses on bringing his experience, keen insight, and passion to benefit global firms and their clients.

Mr. Dugsin has a proven ability to lead teams develop and clarify strategic plans and decisions as well as the implementation of leading edge solutions. He has a recognized ability to build and motivate engaged, high performing teams between and within organizations. Mr. Dugsin is well-known for having special insight into complexity management, large-scale change initiatives and being a fixer.  As an integrator, Mr. Dugsin has achieved excellence in discerning the winning vision through consensus and determining the right action, regardless of the level of complexity and sensitivity, and most importantly helping his client turn this vision into reality.   Mr. Dugsin has sourced $800 M for various client initiatives over the past ten years.

Magnus Team

Our experienced team of professionals will guide you through the tough decisions presented by a company in transition. Our partners, consultants and support staff work side by side with you to manage your risks and maximize your opportunities.

Dr. Romola Porchuk
Director, Human Capital

Recognized as one of North America’s leaders in organizational dynamics, Dr. Porchuk brings with her nearly 20 years of experience addressing the human resource and human capital needs of clients. Magnus will leverage Dr. Porchuk’s expertise in organizational dynamics through a number of service areas, including labour transition, restructuring and succession; human resources; training; team building and critical incident support. Dr. Romola has developed an innovative methodology for change management and optimization of organizational structures and strategies. She holds a doctorate in both clinical and organizational psychology.


Dr. Linda Vranic
Director, Innovation, Technology and Commercialization

With extensive knowledge and experience in research, technology and commercialization funding, Dr. Vranic leverages business and industry investments through matching opportunities and programs. Former Executive Director of Research and Innovation at Ryerson University, she maintains practical knowledge of implementing strategies to enhance the development of large-scale, institutional capabilities as well as growth through innovation development .  Dr. Vranic offers clients a framework to articulate strategies designed to overcome barriers to growth, realize desired organizational changes, and achieve the promise of innovation. 


Anna Foat
Director, Sales Strategy and Execution

As a industry expert on sales, marketing and alliances, Ms. Foat supports small to medium business to become larger through successful commercialization of the their sales channel. Ms. Foat joined RIM in 1999 pre-300 employees and rode the beast until 2011 when it had become a behemoth at over 16,000 employees. She then joined IBM's WorldWide team as Managing Editor of IBM MobileFirst Platform leading content digital marketing strategy.


Paulo Silva
Brazil-Canada Trade, Joint Venture

Mr. Silva is a marketing specialist whose knowledge of international business has helped many Canadian organizations gain entry to the Brazilian market, through his company, Pan-American Business. In 2013, Mr. Silva and Magnus Associates have created a joint venture, Pan-America Consulting (, a company focused on deeper analysis and business planning support for clients in both Brazil and in Canada. Pan-America Consulting also supports liaison services between industry and public sector interests with special emphasis on knowledge, research and technology related initiatives. He offers clients an opportunity to realize innovation goals, particularly with regard to the South American markets.