Innovation, Technology and Commercialization

Magnus professionals have a deep history in innovation strategy, technology development and commercialization planning. We assist our clients to clearly articulate strategy and execution.


Magnus professionals have a deep history in innovation strategy, technology development and commercialization planning. 

Since 1998, Magnus has worked with researchers, private sector companies, hospitals, universities and governments all over the Americas and Europe to overcome barriers to growth, change and optimal balance, to achieve the promise of innovation on many levels.

We assist our clients to clearly articulate strategy and to ensure that resources and systems are aligned with this intent. Acting as an integrator in the complex world of knowledge-intensive initiatives, Magnus has sourced over $800 M of funding for its clients R&D projects.

A certainty is that the leading economies of the world are competing for leadership within the global knowledge-based economy. Unprecedented public sector investment in research infrastructure, operating and indirect costs has caused a near exponential growth in academic research capacity and partnering opportunities within the private sector. At the same time, private enterprise centered within the high-tech, biotech, information technology, telecom, environmental and health care sectors (amongst others) have driven economic growth and captured the attention of our best and brightest.

Magnus has been there. Our consultants have the experience, connectionsm and specialized know-how required by knowledge-intensive organizations (KIO). KIOs are complex organizations with highly trained and motivated individuals. KIOs often have to operate within several organizational and funding paradigms. Magnus has the special skills, critical to the success of KIOs, to work fluidly within and between disciplines and sectors.. We get results that few others can and this has been recognized by the intimate and long-term consulting relationships we have with KIO leaders.


Magnus consultants are expert at facilitating multi-party initiatives, partnerships and alliances. We are first-rate relationship managers – a skill-set that discerning executives value and for which Chetna consultants are retained throughout Canada, the US, Germany, Brazil and beyond.  Magnus understands the key dynamics underlying the knowledge-based economy. 

Our wealth of experience is interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral. 

We do this by applying strategic and project management skills to grant development initiatives; acting as brokers and negotiators to achieve deals for our clients seeking to develop their organization either through contracts or through financing arrangements; developing market plans and managing client or donor networks for our clients; developing portfolio management approaches for our clients to better manage their products, markets and financiers.


Magnus also has a deep understanding of technology transfer and the commercialization process.

Our IP management practice is based on many years of direct experience in the complex and often intangible world of intellectual property.

Commercialization is many different things to participants at different points along the knowledge channel (creation through to end consumption). The key, however, to commercialization is to understand where your entry point in the technology transfer stream is, how to interface successfully with your partners and realize the added value of your investment.

Magnus has studied the phenomenon of commercialization for 15 years and can assist your organization with its expertise and services at any point of its life cycle and interaction with the knowledge channel. Whether you are in the private, academic, government, or not-for profit sectors, if you are seeking value, Magnus can provide the right advice.

Our expertise in commercialization is deep and broad. An expert consultant to Knowledge Intensive Organizations (universities, technology intensive industries, research-based hospitals and institutes) we firmly understand the research and development process. Our commercialization stream is focussed on realizing benefit and higher performance and value from investments that our clients are making in their knowledge base. Transfer of this knowledge can manifest in many ways: allocating resources to the best pathway is a strategic process. Magnus can advise you from our expert vantage point so that you can maximize leverage of your invested funds.

Commercialization Services: 

Technological and Business Feasibility Studies

Commercialization Agency (Partnership Development)

Grant Development

Technology Valuation Research and Licensing Agreement Support and Negotiation

Joint Venture Agreements

Company Spin-offs, Turn-Around Interventions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Patent Searches

Intellectual Property Protection and Management